Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What If?

Photography by: Jean-Jacque DECLAMPE

It's either red or blue.
Live in search for truth. The search for 'real' truth.
The known.
Red or blue.
Doubt it. Question it. Risk it.
The unknown.
Red or blue.
Live the life you know. What you believe you know.
Or gamble your life on a reality you've never tasted.
Red or blue.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


It's time to talk.
The talk you played in your head. So many times.
The one you're still figuring out. The one you can't figure out.
You've been told to speak your mind.
Your mind.
No words. Makes no sense.
Even to you.
Especially to you.
Let it wait.
The clock is ticking & no one's waiting.
It's your turn to talk.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Your Stand

Photo by: Jean-Jacques DECLAMPE

Too big to fall.
Head hits the floor. Eyes blink.
Things are different.
Looking around. You're small.
Know the right relationship. Between you & the things around you.
Stand up again. And your stand on things have changed.

Drift Away

Too cold.
Been standing here for long.
All the same.
The sounds. The familiar hum.
All the same.
The glowing headlights.
Shadows fly by.
It's one of those rainy busy days.
When everyone is minding their own business... a bit too much.

Love Shoots

Photo by: Jean-Jacque DECLAMPE

You protect yourself in so many ways until one day you forget the reason. The shot will get to you. It always does. You saw it coming. The universe listens & you were right.


There comes a time when the feelings that were once so alive freeze.
The feelings of fire, they fade out.
The open heart grows colder & closes up.
You become detached. The touch that you longed for stiffens you up. It's strange.
It reminds you of your guilt. It reminds you of your shame.
It reminds you that you're flawed, too.
It reminds you of the things you accepted when you thought you had no choice.
It reminds you of your pain. That touch is painful. It stabs you in the gut.
That soft touch shatters you. It reminds you that you're already broken.
It reminds you that you've been very wrong.

I'll Look You In The Eyes

Anonymously waiting...

Even When Everything Seems Utterly Pointless

You can hide all you want. All day long. Or you can take a walk. And return to your hiding.

When You're No Longer In Awe

There's always a way out. Out of this place you feel sucked in. You're not trapped. You know you can make your way out. But you wait. A sign. Sometimes there are no signs. Sometimes that's a sign. Look around. When the beauty disappears and everything looks the same, you'll find it, it glows. That's your way out.

It's A Short Ride After All

It will go by so fast... too fast. Savour every second. And try to remember it as it really was.

If I Fell

Things will come right.

Think Big

Scream it out loud on the wall.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Wherever I am, I want to be somewhere else.