Tuesday, June 28, 2011


And what happens when you leave my dreams?
What happens when the memories start to fade?
What happens to me then?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Make Your Own Magic

"There are no magical fixes. It is all up to you."

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Sun Will Carry The Day

No matter how awful it may look.
And how bad it can be.
And how scared you feel now.
When it's so bad and you can't see it any other way,
Find comfort in the unpredictability of life.
Surprises will come your way.
The wheel of fortune never stops turning.
And the sun will find its way to shine through.

Way of Life

It all comes down to what you've got & how you use it.

Ocular Truth

And then you get shot in the eye for seeing the truth.
The kid is well. The kid is hurt.
The day will come when he sees through you.
He'll protect himself & the kids like him.
He will speak.
And you will listen.

She's Strong, She's Fragile

Someone somewhere left her behind.
She does not know that.
So She does not feel abandoned.
She feels lost.
If you ask her, She lost her friend along the way.
She's secretly waiting.
She has been waiting too long.
She's standing strong.
She's stubborn, she's naive, she's proud.
She's reassured... and sometimes not.
She's standing strong... and so it seems.
Some things are endless. And some things fade away.
Some things can endure time and some fall in despair.
She's standing.
If only someone somewhere comes along & befriend a dusty, maybe broken dear.
If only she knew that someone somewhere is thinking of her.

Memory Game

Reminds me of something, something I've forgotten.
Reminds me of someone, someone I've long forgotten.
Reminds me of days, long long forgotten.
Reminds me of nothing at all... all is forgotten.
You can play tricks on your memory if you really want to.
And it will work. Eventually. If you really want to.