Sunday, August 29, 2010

Beyond The Silver Glass

There's this place where time can not touch & you don't need to hurry.
You don't even need to think.
A place where you can just lay there on the grass & do nothing at all.
Where you can watch the stars for as long as you want.
Where you can meet a friend & laugh for as much as you want.
Where you can sit in the arms of your lover & do absolutely nothing at all.
Where you can lay there all by yourself & not feel lonely.
Where you can climb a tree & see the view from the top.
Where you can listen to the sound of the waves & feel the breeze going through your hair.
Where you can collect sea shells & throw them back to the sea.
Where you can hear the music coming from the sky.
Where you can remember moments that make you smile & you do.
When you can read about a legacy that never ends.
A place that has no ends.
A place where no one is leaving.
Where you can ride a bicycle & peddle away like a child.
Where you can run, jump, dance & sing as loud as you can.
Where you can do everything except waiting for there's nothing else left to wait for.
Where you can think of the other world go by without you in it.
Think of the people rushing through the best moments of their lives.
Rushing through it all.
Left with mere memories.
There's time & memories fade away.
But it's a place where memories don't fade.
Where memories go no where.
Where memories are your here & now... forever.

Monday, August 23, 2010