Wednesday, September 23, 2009

“Three Books For Frugal Fashionistas” – (Radio Journal)

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“Three Books For Frugal Fashionistas” is the name of the feature hosted by Robert Seigel about novelist Melissa Walker’s suggestions on fashion books. Walker, former magazine editor who has written four books for young adults, talks about three books that she really recommends. Walker talks briefly about each book and their authors.

What makes this story very interesting to me is that Walker is stating something that I’ve always believed in. I’ve always believed that fashion is not only for people who can afford to be fashionable and who value lavish extravagance, but for everyone and anyone who’s creative enough to be able to develop their very own sense of style. Fashion to me is all about originality and creativity. This is more or less what Walker talks about in this feature; she recommends three books, Fashion 101, Vintage LA and DV, that guide people on how to find their true personal style without it having to do with their bank balance.

The length of the feature was 3 min. 17 sec. Quality of the sound was perfect. Walker’s delivery was slightly monotonic but she didn’t really lose my attention since the whole feature is relatively short. There was not a single sound bite in the feature, which I didn’t like. I was looking forward to hearing something from any of the authors of the recommended books but seeing that the feature is more like a quick short report on the books, it’s understandable.

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