Wednesday, November 25, 2009

PROMO for my short radio documentary "The History of the AUC Theatre"

Video Promo:

Description: Theatre happenings through out the years.
Song: An Angel Went Up in Flames

Audio Promo:

Producer & Narrator: Nermine Amer
SOT: Mahmoud El Lozy, AUC Theatre professor & Theatre Alumni, Class of '76
Music: Death is the Road to Awe, Clint Mansell

Have you ever wondered about the history of the AUC theater? Do you wanna know how the theatre world evolved? What inspired or moved generations of student actors across the years? Have you heard of the Howard Cafe? Wallace? Or the Maskers Club?

SOT: Mahmoud El Lozy

Visit my blog at to listen to the documentary on December 9.


Aya said...

nermine, ur script is very intersting but i couldnt open the audio goodluck

Anonymous said...

Hey, I love it! And like @Ramiii I like both the audio and video promos, but I like the background music in the audio better. It's surreal and out of this world (could be because I LOVE The Fountain anyway but it also fits the mood, which is pretty nostalgic). Can't wait to hear the full doc! X

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