Sunday, December 9, 2007

Writing "The Pitch: An Advertising Revolution"

I had a very hard time with this story. Eventhough I had everything I'm responsible for prepared (interviews, who i wanted to interview...etc) I had problems actually conducting the interviews. Due to my very busy schedule, i couldn't personally meet with the people i wanted to interview so i called them and asked them if they are willing to let me do an email interview with them. I made it clear that i need the answers as soon as possible (this was 3 days before my story was due by the way). Eventhough they seemed very serious about sending me back the interview ASAP, i never got them. I kept calling them to remind them of it and all i got was "OH! i'm sorry, but i'm very busy, i swear i'll send it to you by tonight" or "My grandma died" or "yeah yeah i remember the interview you're talking about but i have finals you know!"

The thing that drove me mad was that they never told me that they can't do the interview, i kept telling them, "if you can't do it then it's ok but you have to tell me that so that i can have time to see who else to interview so that i meet my deadline". They drove me mad, and i was stressed enough and I wasn't ready for their lack of professionalism and carelessness at all.

I decided to change the club (that was a day before my "extended deadline"). i talked to members from another club who were very helpful and sent me their answers on the same day. I wrote the story (i was very rushed of course) at the end. it wasn't the best story i've ever written of course but i'm glad i submitted it.

i got the answers from the first club i intended to write about after I submitted the story. As i expected their answers were very rushed, unclear, incomplete and full of spelling mistakes (And I'm 100% sure my questions were very simple, straight forward and clear). They didn't even apologise for sending it that late. It's very sad how these people "supposedly" are leaders of a club.

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mohammed said...

who`s this club &how they did that with u i this they told u that they ready to give u the answers wat u need so it`s not take long time from them & they must respect them self & respect this club by sending u answers adapted with this club name any way dun worry & u must thanks ur GOD because hew was showing u this people in them fact i hope for u good luck in the next time