Sunday, December 9, 2007

Radio Script - Noises Off

The American University in Cairo is now showing a main stage production of the Tony nominated play Noises Off. Nermine Amer has more on that.

Noises Off is about a third rate theatre company trying to rehearse and perform a long run of a bad bedroom farce called ‘Nothing On’. As the show tours various cities, the play keeps getting worse and worse until all semblance of the play has vanished.-:11

- Nat sound: audience applause and cheers: 09

The play directed by (name) has been very well received. The audience got the punch lines and roars of laughter filled the auditorium. As a typical Egyptian convention to show excitement, the audience’s applause was heard several times in the middle of the play.-: 16

FILE/TAPE: Actor (name)-: 13

IC: “I didn’t understand why…”
OC: “…a good thing”

(name) is studying for a year abroad at the American University in Cairo. She says that the amount of work they went through to reach this result is humongous.

Now, she as well as her fellow actors feels that their work finally paid off.

Students took major parts in the creative process of the play. Noises off is the graduation project for Assistant Director (name). -:19

FILE/TAPE: Assistant Director (name)-: 11

IC: “Technically, it’s a very…”
OC: “…to do it”

Most of the audience members seemed to be commenting on the same thing. Everyone was amazed by the amount of work this play must have required so as to come out that good. Most of the people say that they are coming to see the play again and that they will bring more of their friends along. - 16

FILE/TAPE: Audience member (name)-: 7

IC: “It’s the best…”
OC: “…almost five years”

This is Nermine Amer reporting for AUC Radio.

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