Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Pitch: An Advertising Revolution

The Pitch: An Advertising Revolution

The American University in Cairo’s (AUC) Development Organization (DO) is currently working on a photography advertising competition called “The Pitch”.

The Development Organization’s communication development committee is conducting an advertising photography competition this semester aimed at teaching participants the principles of photography and how to use programs like Photoshop.

The participants are expected to take pictures and work on enhance them through a series of workshops. The participant with the best print ad at the end will win the competition.

“The Pitch” is about developing talents, creating new tools of communication, entertainment and creating communication channels between us and AUCians”, (name), DO’s Vice President, said.

The project is still ongoing and the closing event will be on the 7th of December.. Two sessions of the workshop were made.

“My passion for photography is what inspired me to do this project”, (name), Communication Development Committee Deputy, said.

(name), one of DO’s active members, believes in the aim of “The Pitch” and contributed to the project by helping in organizing it and during the recruitment time.
Everything is going well so far although its member wished it was even better.

“The Pitch needed better financial and human resources”, (name) said.

The more DO gains in popularity at AUC and people have knowledge on the nature of its projects, the more its projects in general would work better and be more successful. Now, people tend to misunderstand the aim behind DO. Actually one of the negative aspects of “The Pitch” is that people don’t get the main aim behind it.

The fundraising committee is working hard so that “The Pitch” can get good sponsors.

The founder of DO is (name) and it was launched in summer 2007. “The Pitch” helped in the publicizing and giving exposure to DO.

When DO was launched, it was opposed by many people because they were under the impression that it was founded to take some kind of revenge (since (name) was running for the SU elections last year and he withdrew) so many complaints were filed against it.

Moreover, DO’s logo at the beginning was criticized, it was perceived as provocative for some people. So DO’s high board members decided to change the logo, and tried to show their positive intentions. People finally believed them

“I felt that I can be a more productive and effective member of the society by what I will be able to achieve through this activity.” (name) said on the reason she joined DO.

A series of mini cultural events is planned for next semester but nothing about that has been finalized yet.

“For next semester we will be working on “For a better Egypt” and awareness campaigns. Both are with the intentions of spreading awareness among AUCians and increasing their civic responsibility. Also we give them the opportunity to work and participate in the projects whether as members or as volunteers”, (name) said.


Do you think “The Pitch” is a good idea?
Yes: 40%
No: 5%
I never heard of “The Pitch”: 55%


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